Family can mean many things to many different people. To some, it’s an unbreakable bond. To others it’s an annoying sidekick who can’t keep their mouth shut. “Holy bat-balls Batman, did you screw up again?”

Sometimes however, it’s a combination of the two. One of those, ‘hate that I love you’ relationships. But then there is also another kind of family. I like to call it, a Patchwork Family. It’s the ones you have chosen to call family, because it’s not always about blood.

They could be your friends who cheer you on even when the odds are against you, or it may be the neighbor next door who chooses to overlook your dog crapping in their yard. You could find them in your coworkers who encourage you to fight for that promotion, or the mentor that taught you everything you know. Then again, it could be you have a normal and dependable blood family. If you do, congratulations, you have no need to look elsewhere; unless you want to expand that support system

I fall into the last category. Congratulations to me. My blood family is great. They are supportive, encouraging, and on occasion annoying. I wouldn’t have it any other way. However my family is much larger than blood. My friends are my family as well.

This is what I write about. No matter what Genre of fiction I’m working on, weather it’s a short story or a mini-series, it’s this patchwork family at the heart of every story.

I’m curious to know, who, does your family comprise of?