I love to photograph children. They are fun and make it so easy to get those candid moments. They don’t try too hard for perfect pose.

Making it fun is so important. With this set of sisters, we went to the park and they played in the leaves. The oldest loved it, and didn’t want to stop. I got so many great pictures of her. Even when she wasn’t watching me, I stole my shots.

Her little sister was just as fun. I gave her a little stuffed animal to play with and she was in love with it. She never took her eyes off of it, but that was okay. I went with it at first. Once she had played with it for a while, I sat it on top of my camera and got her to look at the camera for the next set of photos.

My next photo shoot was with a brother and sister. They loved to talk, and they got bored fast. So I just asked them to sit down and started asking them all types of questions. “What’s your favorite animal.”, “Who’s your favorite super hero?” Once I got them started, they forgot we were even taking pictures.

I don’t always capture children just at formal photo shoots however. Events like weddings are a great place to get candid shots of kids. I am always keeping my eyes open for those little ones skipping across the floor or dancing on their daddy’s feet. Or playing on the phone while they wait for the wedding to start.

My next planned outing is to capture children at the local zoo. I can’t wait to see what I get.