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The Elemental series By  Brigid Kemmerer

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Becca is a high school student struggling with high school rumors that have tarnished her reputation. She doesn’t want the truth known though, that might be worse than living with the lies told about her. She is lost and alone until one day she comes across some seniors beating up another kid in the school parking lot. The helpless victim is Chris Merrick.

He is the youngest of the Merrick brothers and if he’s anything like his brothers, she really should stay clear of that trouble. But Becca’s not the type to look the other way.

Instead she rushes to his aid. But the events of that night unfold a whirl-wind of strange mysteries and unexpected feelings. Chris is far from what he seems. The next day at school she is thrown into even more confusion when the new kid in school, Hunter, locks her in his sights.

Can she hold herself together long enough to discover what these two are hiding?

I thought this was a pretty good book. I will say I like some of the later books in this series better than the first one. But all in all the brothers have a very good relationship with each other, all though when they fight, it’s not pleasant at all.

I really liked Becca, she strong, but she didn’t realize how strong she was. She felt vulnerable due to events she experienced, but as the book progresses she finds the depth of her strength. I do love books with strong female characters.

Hunter was mysterious and interesting, but I have to say I was pulling for Chris more so than I was him. Chris was pretty cool. I liked him best out of all the characters.

I would say the hardest thing for me about this book was getting all the names down. There are a lot of characters and for the first book I was so confused as to who was who. That may be why I liked some of the later books better; I had already learned who everyone was.

All in all I would say it was a good read. It was well written and Brigid does a really good job with descriptions and character development. If there hadn’t been so many characters in the beginning to learn I may have given this a five star rating. But since I do like some of the later ones in the series better, I’m giving it a four star.