FBI Agent Don Eppes recruits his younger brother, Charlie, a mathematical genius and college professor, to help solve some of Don’s toughest cases. Although the others at the bureau are skeptical of Charlie’s involvement, he finds support in a colleague at the university where he teaches.

We all use math everyday… Why not for solving crimes?

I love this show. I’m a big fan of crime shows so this one wins big points since it combines that with Brothers.

Each episode starts with a crime that Don needs help from his little brother to solve. What is great about this show is it really does expand on the brothers relationship and their father in each episode. I really like it when Crime Shows are more than just about the crimes alone and this one has a strong sense of family value.

The brothers have a complicated relationship, due to the fact that they have a six year age gap, yet graduated on the same day. Being in high school with your thirteen year old little brother has a tendency to cause tension. Now grown Don and Charlie find themselves more involved in each other’s lives than either of them ever expected.

Don worries he’s taking advantage of Charlie and hindering him from reaching his full potential.

Charlie just loves working with Don. His words “I love working with my brother.”

The relationship between the two is great, Don would do anything to protect Charlie, and Charlie would do anything to help don.

Crime, Suspense, Mystery, Brothers, need I say more. If you haven’t watched Numb3rs yet, what are you waiting for?