When Ryan Atwood plunges into wealthy, privileged Newport Beach, a group of friends and families are forever changed by the arrival of an outsider to their community.

My Review:

I love this show. It has everything I love, the patchwork family, brothers, strong family bonds, and humor. Ryan Atwood is the center of the show when he is taken in and adopted by his lawyer after he gets in trouble with his brother stealing a car. The family is very close and have a wonderful strong family bond. Since it’s the family that I love so much about this show, I’m only going to give a sumary of the family members.

Kirsten & Sandy Cohen

Kirsten in the beginning was very leery of letting Ryan stay with them. She didn’t trust him and her primary concern was protecting her son, Seth. However Ryan won her over and she came to love him like her own son. She was a great mother despite her temporary struggle with alcohol. She was sweet and compassionate. I loved her and Sandy’s relationship. They were close and despite a few minor struggles they had a special bond that couldn’t be broken.

Sandy was amazing. His humor was infectious and he was always ready to lighten the more serious situations. He instantly had a connection with Ryan because he saw a lot of himself in Ryan. He became very protective of Ryan and this is seen really well when Ryan’s father enters the picture in season 4. However he shows that protective streak multiple times in other seasons as well.

Sandy and Kristen are very supportive of their two sons throughout the series, however sometimes they did seem to be slightly more lenient than I would have expected of parents.

Ryan Atwood

Ryan is from Chino and when he gets into trouble with his older brother, Sandy is his court appointed lawyer who winds up bringing him home for the weekend. Ryan is a dark brooding soul, he’s not much on talking about his feelings and mostly just keeps things bottled up inside and lashes out with his fists. But when Sandy and Kirsten decide to become his legal guardians and basically adopt him, he decides it’s time to start trying at life. Overnight he is living in wealth and luxury yet he always holds on to his Chino roots. His best friend is also his new adoptive brother Seth. The two have a great relationship and Seth is the only one Ryan really opens up to. At least in the beginning. Eventually he does start to view Sandy and Kirsten as his parents. Even calling Sandy and Kirsten his mother and father in the later seasons. Ryann has several relationships throughout the series but mostly he is with Marissa Cooper, who I really don’t like. I was happy when she was written out of the show in season 4

Seth Cohen

Seth is just like his father as far as humor goes. He’s the first to crack a joke even in inappropriate times, it’s great. I love Seth, he is always making me laugh. He becomes very close with Ryann and considers him his best friend and his brother. They are basically the same age so wind up in school together at a prestigious private school that is more like a country club. Seth has three girlfriends through the show but only one is ever serious, Summer Roberts, and really she is the one that holds his heart even during his other short lived relationships.

I really hated Summer in the beginning but by the second season I loved her.

The show ran for four seasons and I wish they had more. But I’m thankful for the four season we did get. It’s a fun show that deals with rich families in Orange County, but its focus is on the Cohen family and their unique bond.