⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Highly Recomended


In ROYAL PAINS, after one moral decision in the ER costs him everything, young doctor Hank Lawson becomes an on-call doctor for the rich, famous, and infamous. Anyone who’s anyone in the Hamptons has a lawyer on reatiner. Now meet the newest accessory – the concierge doctor.

My Review:

As far as Brothers go, this show is the bomb. I love it. Hank and Evan have a great relationship. Hank is always looking out for his younger brother Evan, and Evan is always getting into trouble of some kind. They have a special bond and since they live and work together, that’s a good thing.

The medical McGyver, Hank is great. He really cares about his patients, it’s not just about collecting a paycheck for him, he wants to help people. You can’t help but love him.

Evan is the trouble maker, and the silly awkward childish side of him is what I love. He is always about the money in the beginning, but his companionate side shows through. There are so many “brother” moments I love in the show, but one of my favorites:

Hank: “I think you’ll make an excellent father Ev.”

Evan: “Yeah, well I had a great one that showed me how it’s done.”

Hank: “We had the same father right?”

Even: “Who Eddie, god no. I’m talking about you. You’ve been a father to me for years.”

Loved that scene and writing it is making me want to go watch it again. 

Divya is great too. She’s the PA for Hank Med but she’s also a lot like their sister in her relationship with the two brothers. She bickers a lot with Evan just like an older sister would, and she looks up to Hank and admires him. I’m glad they never created a romantic relationship with her and either of the brothers because their family like relationship is what I love. It really does make this show a lot like a patchwork family I’m always talking about.

Paige is amazing. Although she doesn’t come into the show until a little later, she’s great enough to list along with the main characters. I love her quirky personality and her and Evan are perfect together. They make the cutest couple. Even seems to grow up just a little more when Paige enters the show and she has an excellent effect on him. She’s adorable, fun, and just a blast to watch on the show.

There are 8 seasons with many medical cases. I love that this is a medical drama/comedy with a unique twist. A concierge doctor in the Hamptons. If you want something out of the box with great family values and one that is clean for all the family members. Look no farther, you’ve found it. Now excuse me while I go binge watch Royal Pains.