It doesn’t matter whether you’re reading or writing, the Book Blues will find you. I have experienced the Book Blues from both sides. 

As a writer you love your characters, you gave birth to them, defined them, raised them into the person they are, and when you typed those last words, there’s an empty nest syndrome immediately following the sense of pride. The first few days are the hardest because you miss their presence in your mind. You become tempted to start a sequeal just to bring them back to life, despite the fact you ended the book perfectly and it left no room for a second story. But those blues are so powerful and you long to write about those characters again, they will always hold a place in your heart. That’s when you decide it’s time to create a new set of characters and bring to life a new love. The Book Blues fade away and you know they’ll return again some day.

As a reader you still experience the Book Blues but it’s of a different kind. Not all books leave you feeling these blues, it takes a special kind to instill that much emotion and elicit the Blues at conclusion. When you’re not the creator of the characters and the story, it’s harder to fall in love with them, but when a writer pulls you in and makes you fall madly in love with the unique characters including their flaws, you know you’ll experience the Book Blues. Once you have completed that glorious book, you’re overwhelmed with joy, fascination, and admiration to the writer, but you’re also feeling that dark cloud looming over you. The story is over, the characters are gone and you miss them like a dear friend who’s traveled to a far away land where there is no way to contact them ever again, and all you are left with are memories and photographs. It’s absolutely wonderful and you can’t wait to find the next book that leaves you feeling those beautiful  Book Blues all over again.

Here’s to all those incredible writers out there who bless us with those Book Blues.

What books have left you with the Book Blues?