Think about when you were a kid, how often did the stick on the ground, become a sword in your hand? How many times did your backyard turn into a wilderness full of treasures to discover? Where were the places you traveled to on your bicycle or in your bedroom? What superhero did you become by tieing a towel around your neck? Let me reintroduce you to your imagination. You were best friends once, there wasn’t a day that went by when the two of you didn’t hang out and collect memories together. But as most friends do, they grow apart as they grow up. The adult moves in and the child moves out.

Responsibilities leave little room for imagination, so it’s boxed up and stored away where the only thing it’s left to collect, is dust. It’s time to change that. I have often heard people say, “I’m not creative,” or “I don’t have an imagination to write a story.” The truth is though, that’s a bunch of bull. We’ve just forgotten how to use our imagination so we claim to not have one. Excuses! Excuses!

It’s time to break that cycle, I did. I unboxed my imagination and blew the dust off several years ago, and quickly I remembered how it worked. Like riding a bycicle, you never really forget. Sure it’s a little rusty at first, but take it around the block once and you’ve got it. It’s an old friend you reconnect with and instantly remember why you were best friends back in the day. 

Once my imagination was free, I found so many stories trapped inside, and so many characters clawing their way out. There was no stopping them. I still can’t get them on paper fast enough. I find them lurking in my dreams at night, during the day when I’m adulting, their just outside, patiently waiting for me. I feel their joy, their love, their pain. It’s so real to me when I write, it’s their tears I cry, it’s their laughter I hear when I smile. My head is so full of people, how could I ever be alone? 

It’s beautiful, the imagination. Try unboxing yours tonight, blow the dust off and set it free. Don’t be afraid of what you find, don’t make excuses to keep it caged. Trust yourself to drift into the endless sea of imagination. Be that child you once were, even if it’s only for a moment.