My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Plot: Tough and cocky Steve Garrett returns to live with his brother and father in the rural Alberta after spending his teen years as a runaway. But as it did in the days before he ran, trouble seems to dog Steve’s footsteps. Within two hours of his return, he has made his presence felt in a reckless game of chicken on a back country road. And he has started a feud with the other driver, a big, rough, mean-tempered cowboy. Despite his return to the straight life, Steve has secrets to hide, especially from his brother. How long can it be before the past comes back to haunt him? Somehow it seems like it’s only a matter of time.

My Review: Okay so after reading three deeply dark and emotionally draining books in a row, I needed a light read. So this book was recommended in on of my Goodreads groups. It had brothers in it so I said what the heck, I’m in.

Honestly the cover made me have pretty low expectations. It looked very juvenile and I really expected it to read like a Hardy Boys mystery book. Not that I’m against Hardy Boys books, I enjoy them for a light read on occasion, but they are just very, immature for my taste. Anyhow back to Brothers and Strangers, I was expecting to be rather bored. I wasn’t. I was blown away. This book was the complete opposite of what the cover looks like. I was never bored, the dialog was far from juvenile. The brother’s relationship was exactly what I love to find. Somewhat complicated yet still connected.

All the characters are very well developed and real. The book was fast and fun to read, I read it in one sitting.

What really put this book over the edge for me though was it was about Horses and rodeos. Now I usually don’t care for books about these things, not because I don’t like them, because I do, I both own, train, raise, and show horses, but usually books are so unrealistic when it comes to the horses reactions, body language, you can tell the writer knows nothing about farm life or working and training horses. These things irritate me to no end in both books and TV shows that seem so unrealistic at dealing with horses. But Marilyn Halvorson obviously knows horses. I was so thrilled to find a book that is properly written about horses and includes the relationship between brothers. I landed in heaven. Also there was absolutely NO cussing. It was music to my ears.

I loved it so much I have already purchased several more of her books.

Okay now don’t get me wrong this is not like the best book I’ve ever read in my life. But for it’s class and category it’s a top notch book on my shelf. Brothers and Strangers is now a staple book in my collection for those times when I need a good break between the harder, darker books.

I would rate this book G. Its safe and clean and I love it. Did I mention how much I love it.