Have you ever followed a fictional or character blog? They’re pretty cool and fun. They give you a chance to visit amazing places and explore another’s imagination.

I use to follow some that were good but they have become inactive and now I would love to follow some new ones, so if you know of any good Fictional or Character blogs post them in the comments and I’ll check them out.

On a side note I have decided to start one of my own Fictional Blogs. It’s a great writing exercise and it gives me a chance to tell the story of this one character that has been living inside my head for years. Her blog is all about revealing secrets she’s tired of keeping. On the plus side, for those that love brothers, she has two, an older and a younger brother, and she will talk about them and their relationship often, as well as the secrets they hide.

Dear Secrets


Hope you enjoy it and feel free to follow and interact with her in the comments. Sometimes it’s just fun to live through someone else.