I capture life with a camera, and imagination with a pen, Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 3.34.37 PMbut it’s the thunderous beat of horse’s hooves beneath me, that captures my heart. A cowgirl, Texas born and raised, is what I’ve been branded, but I’m good with that. It means I can chuck a fifty-pound bale of hay over the bedrail of a truck. I can handle a 1,500 pound animal with nothing more than a rope. When I’m not riding, I’m writing. I love fiction, and I get a thrill from meeting the characters that live inside my head. Their stories demand to be heard. The action, mystery, drama, and suspense of their lives are waiting on me to tell the world.

IMG_2770.JPGKassie Finley writes Young Adult books for the most part. Anything from Action to Drama, from Sci-Fi to Mystery.

She was raised in a small Texas town where she was free to roam the countryside as a child. She was a tomboy to the core with an imagination to match. Her bicycle was the motorcycle she performed her daring stunts on, the creek behind her house was the jungle that hid the treasures she hunted.

When she turned eighteen, she married her best friend. He added inspiration to the stories dancing through in her imagination. Love became real. Something she could touch.

Now the couple has been married for seventeen years and everyday is better than the last. He encourages her to write her stories and listens as they unfold.

Her day job is nothing less exciting. A Graphic Designer. Her creativity continues on screen as she pours her imagination into visual aspects. Photography is one other thing she is passionate about. Her slogan: Capturing life through a lens.

She is always willing to help people out. Often she will go out of her way to help someone improve in some aspect of their life. She loves people, and she loves life.