Brothers play on the strings of my heart more than anything else. There is something about their unique bond that captivates me. Maybe this comes from the fact I am an only child, and since I didn’t have siblings, I satiate that missing link through my fascination with brothers.

I thought I was alone in my weird obsession. I’m not. Turns out there is a whole slew of brother crazies just like me. I recently found a group on Goodreads, entirely dedicated to this brother absorbed circle. I’m now a frequent visitor.

On this group we had a discussion about what it is that you love about brothers. It was funny, but pretty much all the posts mirrored mine.

The dominant yet caring and protective older brother. The back and forth banter typical between brothers. The complicated love-hate relationship. Codependency. Hurt/Comfort situations. And of course there’s got to be love between them. Mostly everyone on the group agreed they loved the phrase’s “Big brother” and “Little brother”. Cliché, I know, but you can’t beat the classics.

I will read, watch, or listen to just about anything as long as it has brothers in it. I’m always searching for my next brother fix. Please support my habit. If you have any suggestions as far as TV shows, Movies, Books, Music, or whatever, that contain brothers,  let me know. I will add it to my review pages under the brothers menu.

If you share my obsession, I hope you find your next brother fix in my reviews.